March 15, 2007

Welcome Cole Daniel!

Babies, babies everywhere!

Chris and Kristi welcomed Cole Daniel into the world yesterday evening at 5:40pm. After waiting months to find out whether we had a he or a she and what the name would be we are all so excited to finally have Cole here!

Aunt Charlotte gave the following update:
"The beautiful red-headed baby weighed in at 7lbs 6oz and is 19 and a half inches long. Although born by Caesarean, mother, father and baby are doing beautifully. Thank you God for this new and wonderful miracle."
Congratulations guys - Bridget can't wait to meet her new cousin and neither can we!

ps - Come on Gianino's - I know you all have digital about a picture of this little red headed man - you're killing us!! Update 3/16/2007 7:32pm - retraction issued - thanks for the photos he's a cutie!!

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