March 21, 2007

friday night lights during wednesday night screaming

Has anyone ever watched Friday Night Lights? We've watched it since the pilot right after babygirl was born. I think she was home for a week and we saw the first show and since then each show I like more than the last. In the beginning it took me a while to get into actually understanding and appreciating the story line, but now I am hooked. It's not just about football and teenagers, it has more depth than that but still gives you the good teenage angst stuff once in a while that I love. And given that the beautiful guy from my all-time favorite (though short lived show) Homefront is in this gives me all the more reason to love it.

Article: why you should watch friday night lights

At the moment, Bridget is trying to prevent me from watching this by fighting her very predictable and reliable bed time. The past week or so she has been very particular about going to sleep often fighting naps and now even bed time. The screaming is as loud and awful as anything I've ever heard, but I have a feeling she would rather just be up playing and hanging out with us rather than getting the sleep she so desperately needs. So, were letting her go for a while. We have a routine that we've always used practically since she started having a regular bedtime, so I know she's okay, but it's sooooo not fun to listen to.

I know the Muldrow's can appreciate this as I went back and looked at Aimee's posts about Matthew's sleep problems and imagine my (not) surprise when I realized Matthew's issues took place when he was almost exactly the same age as Bridget is now. There must just be a light bulb that goes on in their little brains that says, "hey, sleeping is not as much fun as my elephant book or big bird bouncy, so i think i'll just scream at the top of my lungs 'til i get to do that stuff again..." I'm certainly not glad they had to go through this with Matthew, but it does help me realize that this is just a phase and I won't have to rock her until she is in college!

Thankfully as I've been typing this it's finally been silent for a little while now...aahhh sweet silence....