October 23, 2006


 Well, it's Monday and I thought I would make a quick blog update. This weekend Tim and I went to Mizzou for Homecoming. It was a nice getaway. We left Miss Bridget with her Aunt Kim and Uncle Mark and she informed us she had a very good time. She is looking forward to spending LOTS of time over at her Aunt and Uncle's house.

Homecoming was great in that Mizzou won, but the weather was awful. It rained the whole day and the whole game and we were all soaked. We went with Ehlert and Jessica and met up with Quigley and some other Delts. Thank goodness for the ponchos Ehlert made us stop and buy at Walgreens on the way out of town. (Hey Poncho - what are you doing in my pocket? That's for you, tpd.) Anyway, all in all it was a great time, although I did learn that I am slightly too old to fight the Harpos' crowd. In my defense, I never really liked going to Harpos when I was in college, so it's not that much of a surprise that I don't like it now, but when the barely 21 year old door guy waved me in with a quick "I don't have time to card someone so obviously over 21" hand flip, I almost cried. It was definitely a sad moment after he had just stopped everyone else we were with. One look at Tim and I and we got the big wave by. Luckily, later in the day someone thought I was "such a young mother" until I told her I was 31 and she was flaborgasted (sp?). I'm not sure if that is because I look young or because she had been drinking since 10am, but I'll take it either way.

The picture at the top is Tim and I, Ehlert and Jess and our friend Rick "Ricky" from Farmhouse. We actually just met him at Harpos, but he ended up being really funny and we hung out with him for a couple hours. He even took us to Spanky's where we ended up watching the Cards win game 1 of the world series! It was a little bit of a mess when we first got there with some firecode issues, but we ended up having a great time there and the boys had a pool table they could play on all night and Jess and I made friends with a Mizzou mom and dad and talked to them most of the night. It worked out really well in the end.

This picture is of the Delt house deck. A homecoming tradition where a lot of the fraternities and sororities create a big piece of artwork for their house. Each year there is a theme and it is designed and then created with something called pomp or pom or something like that...it's a whole lotta work of rolling up that stuff and glueing it to big pieces of plywood. If you notice, there is a "CB" in the upper right hand corner of the house deck. That stands for Chris Brothers who was actually one of Tim's good friends and a Delta Tau Delta fraternity brother. He died in a car accident when Tim was still a student there and the house still honors him almost 10 years later by including the CB on the house deck every year. Tim thought it was a pretty cool tribute and tradition that they were still carrying on.

So, thanks again to AK and UM for taking such good care of our BG (hopefully anyone reading this is catching on to my abbreviations). She says next time don't chintz out on taking her to the Magic House since she knows you all have lifetime passes.

Happy Monday to all - GO CARDS!!

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