October 8, 2006

BIG smile!

Just this week we have seen lots of smiles coming from Miss Bridget! I've posted one I managed to capture with the camera. I'm sure there will be many more to come, but right now they are still hard to capture!

This weekend was BEAUTIFUL! Saturday we got out and enjoyed it after the Cards lost! Hopefully they will win tonight as I am watching it as I type this. We went to Mom and Dad D's and played some washers. It was a gorgeous night.

Today was the major undertaking of FINALLY cleaning out the garage. Dad D came over and helped and he and Tim got it done! It will be so nice to be able to park in there over the winter...as long as we can keep it clean until then.

We'll see what the week brings, but Bridget has been sort of falling into a semi-schedule, so hopefully that trend will continue and I'll get some hours of work time in a day.

New October pictures up on Shutterfly. Click on the link to your right. Once again, sorry - you really have to like baby pictures to want to look at all these!

That's all for this weekend - GO CARDS and GO WEBMASTERS!

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