October 18, 2007

Who's your daddy?

I know I owe you all a LOT of information, but as that mound of information grows and becomes more daunting, it's easy to just stop writing period. In an effort to avoid letting my blog grow cold, I'm going to stay current with a funny story from today and worry about catch up later.

While walking babygirl this evening (yes, off and on in the rain, but we also got to see TWO rainbows - unfortunately, I don't think she appreciated them yet, but I sure did!) anyway, while walking, Bridget has started really noticing things, not like she didn't point and oh and ah before, but now there are real words and meaning associated with things and people.

For instance, "aaaoooh - oggy" said with extreme enthusiasm, means someone walking a dog is approaching. This is usually followed by serious acrobatic maneuvers to ensure a clear visual path of the "oggy" for as long as caninely possible.

Next thing of interest are men. I should clarify - just one man, not men plural, not a man and a woman, not a man and a dog (then we're back at the previous paragraph) not a man and a baby, a man on a bicycle, a man with a tricycle, a man on a unicycle... okay, focus... you get the idea. It has to be a man by himself, one single solitary man. Once we have spotted one single man, her hand immediately points and with sheer delight she calls out, "da da? da da?" over and over again until the object of her affection finally looks, laughs or is out of her line of sight.

The best part about this today was the fine looking young mid-20ish nicely built man with dark hair who suddenly became daddy. I just looked at her and told her not quite, to which the man give a half hearted gruffy laugh. Moments later we pass an older distinguished, balding, heavy set man who also immediately became daddy, too. Dad II thought it was more humorous than the first Dad, but I somehow doubt Tim would.

As we finished walking home, she didn't spot any more dads, but probably about 14 different oggys. Can't wait to see who we encounter tomorrow.

Glad to be back, internet friends, I'll try and post some pics of the cruise as soon as Tim gets back in town and brings back the computer with all the pics. It was a great time and it has definitely been hard to adjust to being back to real life, client demands, a ripped up kitchen and mostly no towel animal waiting for me every night on my fluffed pillows and turned down bed... sigh... but then again, there are no oggys, fake daddys or baby girl on the cruise, so it's good to be home, too.

Happy Thursday night tv friends!

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