December 21, 2006

Soon it will be Christmas day...

I can't believe it is December 21st already. Well, actually I can - I knew it would fly by as usual. Also as usual, I am completely behind. Tim and I went shopping last night and we were going to conquer it all and then, of course, by 6:30 were so starving we just had to go eat at Chili's with our gift certificate we've been saving FOREVER -then two beers and a lot of fajita's later we were ready to cache it in and go get babygirl. Grandma and Grandpa D were watching her so we could get some secret Santa presents. I hear Santa doesn't officially start making visits until they are over a year... that's just what I hear - don't shoot the messenger.

Anyway, tonight/this afternoon I plan on kicking some serious Christmas shopping ass. (Sorry, I've decided my blog isn't completely pg, I'm making it pg-13) that will be as bad as it gets. I have my Sydney's Closet Christmas lunch at Bristol's today...yummy! After that, I'm going shopping and finishing it off! The only problem is we always drink a little wine and linger around for a while, so I'm hoping we don't have another repeat of the laziness of last night after lunch today. Plus, babygirl is with G & G J today, so I have another free afternoon and I really need to capitalize - lord knows I don't want to be anywhere near a mall, old navy, barnes and noble or any of those places this weekend.

Well, better get to work, even though it's Christmas lunch day, there is still plenty of work to do no matter how little I feel like doing it!

This picture is from Bridget up at SC with me. They have a little bassinet and everything set up for her, so she can hang with mom while I work. They love her so much, it's so nice, I am really lucky to have them be so accomodating for a working mommy!

Happy almost the holiday season!

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