August 26, 2009

It's her birthday today, tomorrow & the next day, at least if you ask her.

Such a momma's girl when it comes to birthdays, isn't she?

Happy third, babygirl!


Kim said...

Ahhhhh I've been anxiously awaiting this post! Cute cute cute.. Love the shirt.

I can't believe 3 years ago today such a sweet, tiny baby was brought into this world. She's grown into a little girl that I love so much!

Happy Birthday Bridgey. I can't wait to celebrate with you!


Lisa said...

Um, how did Miss B. grow up so fast??? It's freaking me out! Tho she does look fab in that adorable T, skirt and shades. Happy 3rd, Bridget! You milk that birthday love right on into next week, if you can!

PS - Ben says, "Hubba Hubba." You older women are going to be a problem, i can tell...