July 16, 2009

i blew out my flip flop, stepped on a pop top

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mcdelanty said...

oh to be back at the beach drinking irish wakes....tpd looks wasted

Aimee said...

OHHHH those pix of Shaney Waney are sooo awesome!

Isn't it sad how the most bloggable, photo-postable topics like vacations, still don't get them anymore? I never did for cruise and maybe that's why I keep telling people we just aren't taking a vacation this year ... except for that HUGE one we took in March, hello, is it like when a tree falls in the forest, if you don't blog it, it didn't happen? That's kind of how it feels here. sigh :) anyway - here's to hoping we still do get a little post vaca recap and photo show. I know you got it in you EEJ!