June 14, 2009

And there was NEVER a question....

I picked up Bridget's weekly school sheet on Friday, reviewed my usual favorite, "funny things children say", section only to find this gem (click on image to view largest):

To clarify, the spilled beer incident happened AFTER I picked her up as I was not drinking at the school nor were any of her teachers.


Kristina said...

This is totally something that would happen at my house...luckily, my alcoholic dog cleans up any spilled beer before I have to worry about it.

P.S. Thanks for your comments on my blog. It does help to know it took other people a while. And I'm already planning on announcing the next baby w/ a pic of Caleb wearing one of your t-shirts, so I will (hopefully!) be ordering one soon :)

rachel... said...

So funny! Hope that wasn't the last beer in the fridge!!!