April 1, 2009

Part II - The part where I get two days behind cause I can't stay on task

Belize - Our friends are back in action

The "private" beach on Belize - tpd's back is not in good shape this day, especially after the crazy, local speed racer bumpy boat ride to get to this private Belizian island.

We made fun of him a LOT at this point... mmmm... Belikin.

Pretty Scenery - you can see some boats in the background.

Pretty water, I couldn't stop taking pictures of it.

tpd assures he is in the BACK of the boat for the ride back to the mainland. it was actually really cool being in the back and we even saw a big manatee.
the water color here is simply unbeliezable.

Kicking back after a day on the private island with some Belize brews and food.

Friends rebounded, a couple of knock off Coach purses and good local brews.
An all-around good day, you gotta Belize me!


mcdelanty said...

"i want to go to there."- Tina Faye

Aimee said...

The water WAS unbelizable. So were our fak-coach bags. And so was being upright for 24 hrs after puking and being unable to move for the prior. Ah, Belize, we hardly knew ya!

Aimee said...

ok I am taking a selfish but great comfort in the fact that the series has NOT progressed since I last read your blog. April was just ... well, don't know where it went. And see, little babies - when you hide your eyes - things DON'T happen until you look back! woo hoo!