February 17, 2009

Applejacks don't even have a Prize Inside!

While we're getting ready this morning in the bedroom Bridgey is singing a song that went something like this, "over to the ballgame, over to the crowd, buy me applejacks, ever back back back BAAAACCCKKK"

I listen a little closer and sure enough it was her own rendition of "Take me out to the ballgame", I have no idea where she learned this or why she is singing this song in February, but obviously the right thing for me to do was to join in... "Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crow---"

Bridget: "MOOOOOMMMMMMMYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!" she abruptly interrupts my singing. "You, know that song, too?"

Me: "Well, yes, actually I do know that song. And, to be clear it's cracker jacks, not applejacks, there is a very real and important difference between those two jacks".

Bridget: ..pauses, thinks about it and then...."Oh, that is soooo cool - over to the game, over to the crowd, buy applejacks and come BACK BACK BACCCCCCKKKKKK"


mcdelanty said...

hmmm. i will be taking credit for teaching her take me out the ball game. we were singing it the other night when you were putting baby shane to bed and i was watching bridgey eat dinner. tpd even joined in from the kitchen. Bridgey may deny this but aunt me-me is the applejack culprit. now you know.

Anonymous said...

She also sang it when this anonymous Grandparent was babysitting her last Saturday. She is singing it in February because of Spring training.