November 14, 2008

Carbon Footprint this, Rational Erin

I've been trying a little to be more eco-friendly lately - now, before you go all Hybrid on me little brother, this mainly includes saving an aluminum can here and there, turning the water off and on when brushing my teeth and only leaving 8 lights on overnight. But, this morning upon walking into my bedroom where the tv was still turned off (a rare occurence in this household) the following internal struggle occurred between the irrational-emotional-dogs-have-feelings-too-Erin and the jebus-get-a-hold-of-yourself-woman-they-are-dogs-Erin:

IEDHFTE: Oh! I should turn the tv on the boys (dogs) like it on during the day when they are laying on the bed.

JGAHOYWTADE: Now, seriously, does it make the boys feel better or does it make you feel better?

IEDHFE: Oh, but they like the sound and the shows and I always put it on something good for them to watch.

JGAHOYWTADE: But, if you don't turn the tv on for the dogs you are actually saving energy and money and thereby contributing to the overall ecological health of our planet.

IEDHFE: Shut up - I want the tv on for the dogs.

JGAHOYWTADE: Whatever, just stamp that on to your carbon footprint and nevermind the 14 other tv's the dogs could go lay by if they really need the tv on.

IEDHFE: storms off - tv stays off


mcdelanty said...

i would have left the tv on. i think you are a mean dog owner.

Kate said...

I second that. Poor doggies. :)

Aimee said...

The dogs will form much better verbal and imagination skills with the tv off. Leave some flashcards books and wooden blocks out for them.