August 26, 2007

It was supposed to be Happy Birthday Eve...

but now it's just plain old Happy 1st Birthday babygirl! I am up way too late putting (I would like to say final touches - but it's really more like mid touches as there is sadly still very much to be done) on your big 1st birthday bash. It's after midnight, so instead of wishing you a happy birthday eve, I now get to say happy birthday.

Interestingly enough this year reminds me of last year - I've been working hard all day long, I'm up way after midnight and I'm looking ahead to a lot more to go! Regardless, I did it last year and I'd do it every year from now on for you.

Things won't be perfect tomorrow like I'm sure every first time - first birthday party mom wants it to be, but dad and I will do our best to make sure you have lots of presents, lots of time with family and lots of cake (well, Aunt Kim and Aunt Aimee will definitely help in that department - they like the cake) and sometime - when I have more time I'll blog all about the crazy things your mom has done to get ready for this day.

Let's just hope I'm not still awake at your actually birth time - 4:16am!

I love you! Happy 1st my sweet babygirl.

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