April 24, 2007

Why I shouldn't go running anytime between 5 and 6pm

Lately, the earliest I am managing to hit the streets "new mommy style" (baby in tow blaring my favorite hip hop from my ultra yuppy jeep - yes, it's a jeep - jogging stroller) is sometime between 5:30 and 6:30pm. This is probably the worst time to try and head out in my neighborhood for this one reason: these people know how to grill. Imagine running between that time or in my world "the hungry hour" and every street and corner brings a new unbelievable aroma of delicious food on a grill. It's so bad that I have developed a little game to keep me distracted from the mouth watering smells - It's basically just a guessing game of what meat or veggie is making that smell? Is it pork tenderloin? Chicken? A veggie packet? A bratworst - which I've decided has the most recognizable grill smell. It's just pure torture the whole time, but at least guessing the meat keeps my mind distracted enough from going right up to the perpetrators door and demanding that they let me and babygirl in for dinner.

Regardless, the whole point of this post was to tell you about the two funny things that happened today on the run/walk but I get so damn distracted thinking about grilling that it's all I can focus on...

Today, this hungry hour time must have also been a popular time for 2-3 year old girls to be outside because they were running rampant in the neighborhood. The first one I encountered on Spring Hill drive was walking up the driveway with daddy when she spotted me.

"Daddy -daddy, look at the baby"

"Yes, that's a cute baby"
This is where I luckily start slowing down so they can admire my gorgeous baby a little longer - just as the little girl decides to dart away from daddy directly into my path causing me to come to a very abrupt stop. As I look up, dad has a pretty nervous look on his face as he is leaping to pull her away from the eminent yuppy stroller squashing injury that is about to occur. Luckily, I stop just fine as she comes up to the stroller, stands on her tippy toes and and peers over the edge,
"Daddy - I want to pet the baby"
Laughing, the dad explains that babies are not like doggies and that you don't "pet" babies, you say "hi" to babies. She goes on to say hi about 10 times and I say hi back on Bridget's behalf and finally as we slowly say goodbye and start moving again I hear her say to dad as she is walking back up the driveway,
"Daddy, I don't know why that baby didn't have any shoes on."
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love this time with babygirl, but things like that certainly make me see that the future is going to be filled with so much fun, too.

I'll save my other funny little girl story to entice you with later in the week as I have already blown off way too much work already!

Happy Tuesday!